SU-E-I-30: Effect of Automatic Tube Voltage Selection and Reconstruction Method On CT Dose Reduction




To study the effect of automatic tube voltage selection and reconstruction method on CT dose reduction.


A retrospective study was conducted to gather data from 126 CT exams among 80 patients from 3 different CT scanners. Data on scan parameters was collected and categorized for 3 different patient sizes: small, medium and large. For each patient group, exams using manual selection of tube voltage and automatic selection of tube voltage were compared for dose reduction. The influence of reconstruction method and automatic or manual tube voltage selection was also studied.


Dose reduction was observed in all patient size categories with the largest dose reduction of 55% seen in the medium sized patients and 35% reduction in the small and large patients. The patients who underwent both a manual and automatic tube voltage selection for their CT study also showed similar dose reduction. Use of iterative reconstruction method and automatic tube voltage selection also showed a 30% dose reduction when compared with manual tube voltage selection and filtered back projection reconstruction method. Dose reduction of up to 45% was observed for both automatic and manual tube voltage selection irrespective of which reconstruction method was used.


Using automatic tube voltage selection and iterative reconstruction demonstrated significant dose reduction compared to manual tube voltage selection and filtered back reconstruction method. Between the different generation CT scanners used in this study, the scanner with the most advanced technology demonstrated the most significant dose reduction.