SU-E-T-55: A Novel Applicator for High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Treatments of Ocular Conjunctiva




To evaluate the clinical feasibility of IntraBeam intra operative kV irradiation beam device for ocular conjunctiva treatments. The Intra-Beam system offers a 4.4 mm diameter needle applicator, that is not suitable for treatment of a large surface with limits access. We propose an adaptor that will answer to this clinical need and provide initial dosimetry.


The dose distribution of the needle applicator is non uniform and hence not suitable for treatment of relatively large surfaces. We designed an adapter to the needle applicator that will filter the X-rays and produce a conformal dose distribution over the treatment area while shielding surfaces to be spared. Dose distributions were simulated using FLUKA is a fully integrated particle physics Monte Carlo simulation package.


We designed a wedge applicator made of Polythermide window and stainless steel for collimating. We compare the dose distribution to that of the known needle and surface applicators.


Initial dosimetry shows feasibility of this approach. While further refinements to the design may be warranted, the results support construction of a prototype and confirmation of the Monte Carlo dosimetry with measured data.