SU-E-T-172: Characterization of TLD-100 (LiF:Mg,Ti) Microcube Energy Response in a Cylindrical Chamber Phantom




To characterize the energy response of TLD-100 microcubes inside a Virtual Water chamber phantom.


Four TLD microcubes were placed inside a water-proof Virtual Water (VW) chamber phantom and irradiated to a known dose on a Varian linac in a 1D water tank. These chamber phantoms were then replaced by TLD-100 chips inside a separate VW paddle and irradiated to the same dose. Each energy response reading was calculated as light output per unit dose in nC/cGy and normalized to a calibration set irradiated to the same dose in 60Co. The differences in response between the TLD chips and microcubes were then analyzed.


Across all energies, the average microcube response was less sensitive to energy than the average chip response with both falling consistently within 2.8% of previously established values in the literature


TLD microcubes showed a lower average sensitivity to energy than their TLD chip counterparts. The use of TLD-100 microcubes inside the chamber phantom was validated against TLD-100 chips inside of VW paddles.