SU-E-T-656: Quantitative Analysis of Proton Boron Fusion Therapy (PBFT) in Various Conditions




Three alpha particles are concomitant of proton boron interaction, which can be used in radiotherapy applications. We performed simulation studies to determine the effectiveness of proton boron fusion therapy (PBFT) under various conditions.


Boron uptake regions (BURs) of various widths and densities were implemented in Monte Carlo n-particle extended (MCNPX) simulation code. The effect of proton beam energy was considered for different BURs. Four simulation scenarios were designed to verify the effectiveness of integrated boost that was observed in the proton boron reaction. In these simulations, the effect of proton beam energy was determined for different physical conditions, such as size, location, and boron concentration.


Proton dose amplification was confirmed for all proton beam energies considered (< 96.62%). Based on the simulation results for different physical conditions, the threshold for the range in which proton dose amplification occurred was estimated as 0.3 cm. Effective proton boron reaction requires the boron concentration to be equal to or greater than 14.4 mg/g.


We established the effects of the PBFT with various conditions by using Monte Carlo simulation. The results of our research can be used for providing a PBFT dose database.