MO-A-213-00: Economics Update



The purpose of this session is to introduce attendees to the healthcare reimbursement system and how it applies to the clinical work of a Medical Physicist. This will include general information about the different categories of payers and payees, how work is described by CPT© codes, and how various payers set values for this work in different clinical settings.

2015 is a year of significant changes to the payment system. Many CPT© codes have been deleted and replaced with new CPT© codes. These codes define some of the most common work performed in our clinics including treatment planning and delivery. This presentation will describe what work is encompassed in these codes and will give attendees an overview of the changes for 2015 as they apply to radiation oncology.

Finally, some insight into what can be expected during 2016 will be presented. This includes what information is typically released by the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) during the year and how we as an organization respond. This will include ways members can interact with the AAPM professional economics committee and other resources members may find helpful.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Basics of how Medicare is structured and how reimbursement rates are set.
  • 2.Basic understanding of proposed changes to the 2016 Medicare rules.
  • 3.What resources are available from the AAPM and how to interact with the professional economics committee.

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