MO-B-213-00: AAPM Professional Liability Insurance Update



The AAPM Professional Liability Insurance program provides a unique ability for medical physicists to obtain liability coverage for risks arising from the practice of medical physics. In 2015, the program introduces a new occurrence-form coverage option which has important cost and functional differences from the existing claims-made coverage. Since both forms will be offered to new and renewing policy holders, the details and implications of these two options will be explained. A brief history of the program will be given to review the collaboration between AAPM and its insurance company partners that established and maintains the program that is available today. The future outlook of the program will include an overview of threats and opportunities that affect AAPM members’ ability to obtain cost-effective coverage in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Gain understanding of the professional liability insurance program offered to AAPM members
  • 2.Gain understanding of the difference between claims-made form and occurrence form of coverage
  • 3.Gain understanding of the role of AAPM in operating the professional liability insurance program

Graham Fuller is an employee of Mercer Consumer which is the broker and administrator of the AAPM Professional Liability Insurance program.