MO-B-304-00: Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics: Mission and Submission



The JACMP began publication in February, 2000 and is the world's oldest open-access medical specialty journal. Today it publishes about 200 articles in six issues annually. The JACMP archive experiences about 400,000.pdf downloads annually and a typical JACMP.pdf article is downloaded about 600 or 700 times during the first year after publication. Anyone with web access can reach these articles, having wide distribution and benefiting as many patients as possible.

Preparing a manuscript for publication in the JACMP (or any other journal) is a straightforward process. The primary purpose of a manuscript is to communicate knowledge and experience. A relatively fixed format has been developed to meet this goal; this format consists of an Abstract, Introduction, Methods and Materials, Results, and Conclusions. In addition to fitting your experience into that format, it is important to recognize your audience and direct your manuscript to that audience. Finally, it is important to write your manuscript in clear English, enlisting the aid of a copyeditor, if such an individual is available.

Reviewing the articles submitted to JACMP is a rewarding yet difficult task. A reviewer must evaluate submitted articles critically, objectively, and express opinions diplomatically regarding work presented to the journal. A perspective from a JACMP section editor and experienced reviewer will describe the key points that progress a journal article to publication. As a reviewer, the difficulties experienced as a reviewer such as an incomplete or incorrect citations, incorrect formats, etc. will also be described.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Attendees will learn the history and philosophy behind the development of the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.
  • 2.After attending this presentation, the participant will be able to prepare a well-written manuscript suitable for publication in the JACMP or any other peer-reviewed journal.
  • 3.Attendees will learn what typical submission mistakes and difficulties are from the perspective of a section editor and experienced article reviewer.