MO-FG-207-03: Maximizing the Utility of Integrated PET/MRI in Clinical Applications



The use of integrated PET/MRI systems in clinical applications can best benefit from understanding their technological advances and limitations. The currently available clinical PET/MRI systems have their own characteristics. Thorough analyses of existing technical data and evaluation of necessary performance metrics for quality assurances could be conducted to optimize application-specific PET/MRI protocols. This Symposium will focus on technical advances and limitations of clinical PET/MRI systems, and how this exciting imaging modality can be utilized in applications that can benefit from both PET and MRI.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.To understand the technological advances of clinical PET/MRI systems
  • 2.To correctly identify clinical applications that can benefit from PET/MRI
  • 3.To understand ongoing work to further improve the current PET/MRI technology

Floris Jansen is a GE Healthcare employee.