MO-FG-201-00: High-Impact Presentations



Oral presentations are one of the most important tools to advance education, scientific research, and clinical excellence in medical physics. Medical physicists do not often captivate their audiences like a Steve Jobs keynote or a TED talk, but every physicist can learn to engage their audiences and deliver their message in a memorable way using their own personality and style. This interactive session will teach attendees to discover their own style and voice and to use it to engage and connect with their audiences. Audience reception and response will be reviewed in terms of the speaker's executive presence and content, as well as research on the psychology of audiences and physiology of speakers. Physicists will learn how to organize and mentally prepare themselves as well as their PowerPoint slides.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Develop executive presence: poised under pressure to deliver a message in a relaxed, casual, and credible way
  • 2.Connect with an audience by creating harmony between the content and the visual and audible elements of a presentation
  • 3.Confidently deliver engaging presentations in the individual's voice and personality

Heidi Weiker and Tanya Weiker are co-owners of Spherica LLC.