MO-F-CAMPUS-J-01: A Novel and Efficient Daily QA Program for Both Modern Linear Accelerator and Optical Surface Motion Systems




The camera-based optical surface monitoring system(OSMS) is a standard motion-tracking system for TrueBeam™ machine. Daily quality assurance(DQA) procedures for the TrueBeam and OSMS systems currently require multiple phantoms and test sequences. Machine Performance Check(MPC) uses the IsoCal™ phantom to test geometric and dosimetric aspects, and has been validated for routine TrueBeam DQA. This work examines the novel use of MPC to simultaneously conduct DQA of OSMS,utilizing one phantom and test sequence for QA of both the TrueBeam and OSMS systems.


TrueBeam with 6 degree-of-freedom(6DOF) couch, MPC and OSMS were installed. The therapists routinely use MPC with the IsoCal phantom to verify geometric and dosimetric parameters with an automated sequence of varying gantry and collimator angles, MLC positions, and couch translations and rotations as the DQA for TrueBeam. A surface outline of the IsoCal phantom, generated from a CT dataset, was imported to OSMS and used to monitor the position of the phantom at isocenter and to track its movement up to 5cm/10°(yaw) and rotation in pitch and roll up to 3° in real time during the automated MPC sequence. Motion of the phantom throughout the MPC routine was compared to the couch position shown by the digital readout.


The coincidence of isocenter, as determined by OSMS, and TrueBeam radiation isocenter was within ±0.8mm/±0.8° in three axes. Between OSMS and TrueBeam 6DOF couch, the mean couch relative shifts/angles were within ±0.7mm/±0.8° for each axis. Reported pitch and roll values were within ±0.4mm/±0.4°. The total measurement time for each DQA session took approximately 5 minutes.


Use of the IsoCal phantom and MPC for simultaneous DQA of TrueBeam and OSMS increases QA efficiency and reduces complexity. OSMS isocenter position and motion-tracking capability in 6DOF were verified in real-time and were found to be within 1mm of the expected value.