TU-A-213-01: MBAs for Medical Physicists: Business School Basics



A broad survey of business schools and their potential to augment the utility of practicing medical physicists will be presented in didactic format. Topics will include: 1) business education vs. medical and scientific education, 2) the MBA degree vs. alternative degrees/certificates, 3) distinguishing features among MBA programs, 4) the MBA admissions process and student experience, 5) a description of the typical MBA curriculum and its relevance to clinical practice, and 6) themes to consider when performing a cost-benefit analysis of whether or not to enroll in an MBA program.

This session is the first of two consecutive sessions exploring the professional impact of supplementing medical physics credentials with formal business education, and is also part of a larger block of sessions concentrating on the Management, Business and Supervision aspects of Medical Physics.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.To consider medical physics credentials within a broader educational and economic context.
  • 2.To gain a sense of what is taught in business schools and how medical physicists might become more effective with this knowledge.
  • 3.To discern market segments among MBA students and product differentiation among MBA programs.