TU-B-304-01: The Aftermath of TG-142



Although published in 2009, the AAPM TG-142 report on accelerator quality assurance still proves a challenge for full clinical implementation. The choice of methodologies to satisfy TG-142 requirements is critical to a successful application. Understanding the philosophy of TG-142 can help in creating an institution-specific QA practice that is both efficient and effective. The concept of maintaining commissioned beam profiles is still found confusing. The physicist must also consider technologies not covered by TG-142 (i.e. arc therapy techniques). On the horizon is TG-198 report on implementing TG-142. Although the community still lacks a final TG-100 report, performing a failure-mode -and-effects analysis and statistical process control analysis to determine the institution-specific clinical impact of each TG-142 test may be useful for identifying trends for pro-active surveillance.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.To better understand the confusing and controversial aspects of TG-142.
  • 2.To understand what is still missing from TG-142 and how to account for these tests in clinical practice
  • 3.To describe which QA tests in TG-142 yield the largest potential clinical result if not discovered.