TU-B-213-00: MBAs for Medical Physicists: DABR-MBA Alumni Panel



A panel of board-certified medical physicists with MBA degrees will share their insights about business schools and career paths in a moderated discussion format. The panelists bring a broad range of experience in terms of medical physics specialties, MBA program types, current organizational roles, and business school alma maters. The discussion will include: 1) the process of deciding if, where, when, why, and how to pursue the MBA; 2) the MBA student experience, including workload, networking, and school-life-work balance; 3) post-MBA career impact, and 4) advice to medical physicists considering an MBA. The conversation will also include questions from the audience.

This session is the second of two consecutive sessions exploring the professional impact of supplementing medical physics credentials with formal business education, and is also part of a larger block of sessions concentrating on the Management, Business and Supervision aspects of Medical Physics.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.To learn about the pre-, intra-, and post-MBA experiences of several medical physicists.
  • 2.To gain a sense of possible career outcomes that business credentials could catalyze.