TU-PIS-Exhibit Hall-5: ABAS - Atlas Based Auto Segmentation



Brachytherapy devices and software are designed to last for a certain period of time. Due to a number of considerations, such as material factors, wear-and-tear, backwards compatibility, and others, they all reach a date when they are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Most of these products have a limited duration for their use, and the information is provided to the user at time of purchase. Because of issues or concerns determined by the manufacturer, certain products are retired sooner than the anticipated date, and the user is immediately notified. In these situations, the institution is facing some difficult choices: remove these products from the clinic or perform tests and continue their usage. Both of these choices come with a financial burden: replacing the product or assuming a potential medicolegal liability. This session will provide attendees with the knowledge and tools to make better decisions when facing these issues.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Understand the meaning of “end-of-life or “life expectancy” for brachytherapy devices and software
  • 2.Review items (devices and software) affected by “end-of-life” restrictions
  • 3.Learn how to effectively formulate “end-of-life” policies at your institution
  • 4.Learn about possible implications of “end-of-life” policy
  • 5.Review other possible approaches to “end-of-life” issue