TU-EF-210-02: MRg Hyperthermia



The use of therapeutic ultrasound to provide targeted therapy is an active research area that has a broad application scope. The invited talks in this session will address currently implemented strategies and protocols for both hyperthermia and ablation applications using therapeutic ultrasound. The role of both ultrasound and MRI in the monitoring and assessment of these therapies will be explored in both pre-clinical and clinical applications.

Katherine Ferrara: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Drug Delivery, and Immunotherapy

Rajiv Chopra: Translating Localized Doxorubicin Delivery to Pediatric Oncology using MRI-guided HIFU

Elisa Konofagou: Real-time Ablation Monitoring and Lesion Quantification using Harmonic Motion Imaging

Keyvan Farahani: AAPM Task Groups in Interventional Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Understand the role of ultrasound in localized drug delivery and the effects of immunotherapy when used in conjunction with ultrasound therapy.
  • 2.Understand potential targeted drug delivery clinical applications including pediatric oncology.
  • 3.Understand the technical requirements for performing targeted drug delivery.
  • 4.Understand how radiation-force approaches can be used to both monitor and assess high intensity focused ultrasound ablation therapy.
  • 5.Understand the role of AAPM task groups in ultrasound imaging and therapies.

Chopra: Funding from Cancer Prevention and Research Initiative of Texas (CPRIT), Award R1308 Evelyn and M.R. Hudson Foundation; Research Support from Research Contract with Philips Healthcare; COI are Co-founder of FUS Instruments Inc

Ferrara: Supported by NIH, UCDavis and California (CIRM and BHCE)

Farahani: In-kind research support from Philips Healthcare