WE-D-BRD-01: New Linac Designs for MR-Guided Therapy Systems


  • Baillie D.


The advantages that make MR highly desirable for in-room treatment guidance, i.e. soft-tissue visualization and physiological assessment of healthy/tumor tissues, are largely recognized in the research community. However, the MR absorption in practical clinical workflows is still hindered by lack of sufficient technological infrastructure. Recent advances have been made towards filling that gap such as the development of integrated therapy systems relying on an MR scanner and a radiation source (linac, Co-60) and/or brachytherapy.

The session is intended to present new efforts and methods aimed at facilitating the adoption of MR guidance for treatment delivery. Specifically, the discussion will focus on a) linac designs for reduced footprint and seamless integration with MR/linac systems, b) tracking coils for brachytherapy applications, and c) procedures for the commissioning and monitoring of MR and MR/linac performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Understand limitations and proposed solutions for linac designs and associated integration with MR/linac systems;
  • 2.Understand current issues with MR-guided brachytherapy procedures
  • 3.Understand the issues and needs for new MR commissioning and QC.

License agreement with Modus Medical Devices to develop a phantom for the quantification of MR image distortions.