WE-EF-204-02: Murine Model Systems for Co-Clinical Trials



As molecular biology breakthroughs in understanding cancers and other diseases, hundreds of new drugs wait testing. In the last decade, mouse models have been evolved to better mimic human diseases genetically and biologically. These reliable mouse models allow us to determine which genetic elements, pathways and mutations impact on therapy. The co-clinical trial strategy is to conduct a human clinical trial for a therapeutic drug and test it in mouse models at the same time. This strategy has the potential to accelerate the drug testing process and identify the patient population that will respond to the drug. Imaging plays an important role in co-clinical trials. In this symposium, four speakers will discuss advancements and issues in pre-clinical imaging, murine models, imaging hardware and software, and funding opportunities in co-clinical trials.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Multi-modality pre-clinical imaging hardware and software, and new technologies (e.g., hyperpolarized MRI)
  • 2.Selection of animal models from physiological and genetic perspectives with examples in colon, pancreatic and lung cancers
  • 3.NCI funding opportunities