WE-EF-210-00: Advances in Ultrasound Imaging Technology



Recent advances in ultrasound-related technologies have had a significant impact on enhancing image quality as well as offering new approaches for quantitative ultrasonic imaging and therapeutic applications. The presentations associated with this session will provide an overview of advances in ultrasound image formation, the development of using nanoparticles for therapeutic ultrasound applications, as well as approaches for assessing the intrinsic viscoelastic properties of tissue and methods for monitoring tissue response to therapy.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Develop a general understanding of new technologies associated with enhanced ultrasound image formation and volume imaging.
  • 2.Develop an understanding of new ultrasound-based technologies for quantitative assessment of intrinsic tissue properties.
  • 3.Develop an understanding of novel approaches for ultrasound-mediated non-invasive therapeutic applications.

Dr. Rao is an employee of Siemens Ultrasound