WE-G-201-00: Mobile Viewing Devices



Many health care organizations are adopting mobile applications for patient care. These tools can provide the opportunity for improvements in timely access to patient images. With new possibilities for patient image viewing, it is sensible to take a closer look at what handheld devices might provide and how they are being used.

Three speakers: a radiologist, an imaging research scientist, and a clinical medical physicist provide input into different aspects of image viewing on handheld devices.

1. Patrick Luetmer, M.D., Radiologist

Provides a radiologist's perspective of how mobile technologies best fit into patient care workflows, including how patient image viewing is done differently on a mobile platform compared to a PACS workstation and what types of decisions are being made from handheld devices.

2. Aldo Badano, Ph.D., Imaging Research Scientist

Provides an overview of technological properties of handheld devices and describes how image viewing with handheld devices impacts the image information that is visible under ideal and clinical conditions.

3. Dr. Alisa Walz-Flannigan, Ph.D., Clinical Medical Physicist

Provides an overview of different strategies for setup and quality control as relevant for handheld devices.

This session is related to the ongoing work of Task Group No. 260 “Considerations for the Use of Handheld Devices for Viewing Medical Images”.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.To understand how mobile devices for image viewing are being used to enhance patient care
  • 2.To understand how technological properties of various mobile devices combine with device usage to impact the information visible in a medical image
  • 3.To gain awareness of different options for configuring and testing handheld devices for medical image viewing

Dr. Aldo Badano has the following: Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA #123-07) with BARCO.