WE-G-210-01: Current Status of Supplementary Screening with Breast Ultrasound



This session focuses on recent developments in breast ultrasound imaging, covering clinical practice as well as clinical and pre-clinical research. Current status of ultrasound screening will be reviewed, followed by discussions of emerging technologies at various stages of regulatory and technical development. The session strives to provide the attendee with a view of a continuum of imaging advances starting with the present and spanning the near and long term future.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Understand current state of ultrasound screening for breast cancer
  • 2.Learn about current availability of whole breast ultrasound
  • 3.Appreciate the current barriers to stronger adoption of screening ultrasound
  • 4.Learn about attempts to drive adoption of screening ultrasound (e.g. breast density laws)
  • 5.Learn about ultrasound tomography as an emerging technique for breast imaging
  • 6.Learn about the regulatory status of emerging techniques such as ultrasound tomography
  • 7.Learn about the developmental status of combined 3-D ultrasound and Mammography systems
  • 8.Learn about photo-acoustic imaging and its potential future role in breast imaging