SU-A-BRC-04: The Path of a Research and Development Physicist



This year's Annual Student Meeting consists of a panel of professionals who have pursued a traditional education in medical physics and have since pursued a variety of careers. These range from chief medical physicist, small business founder, FDA scientist, industry R&D scientist, and academic researcher. Each panelist will discuss their education, positions that they have held leading to their current one, and factors that influenced them to pursue their careers. Time will be left at the end of the talk to open the floor for questions from students and trainees. Discussion between the presenters and participants is encouraged.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.The audience will learn about how to prepare for a career in medical physics.
  • 2.The audience will be able to consider some of the widely different job opportunities open to medical physicists.
  • 3.The audience will gain a better understanding of some future challenges facing medical physics graduates.

N. Childress, I am the owner of Mobius Medical Systems, LP.