SU-F-P-57: A Novel Tool for Assessment of Spatial Field Gradient for MRI Conditional Items




To develop a simple tool for determining spatial field gradient strength at specific MRI locations.


We experimented with a variety of implements, including a tape measure-type device and various ‘gradient yardsticks’. Through our work we realized that what was needed was a simple resource to indicate a device as ‘Yes/No/Maybe’, rather than assessing the actual spatial field gradient strength. To that end we came up with a simplified gradient map, based on the technical data, provided by the manufacturer.


We identified one site as an initial pilot, and distributed a prototype there. The technologists immediately began to use it. In the words of the Chief Technologist, “This is just what we have been looking for”.Subsequently, maps were developed and distributed to all system sites.


The tool simplifies the decision process for determining whether conditional devices will meet spatial field gradient limitations. It is meant to assist in determining which situations are simply addressed, and which require a higher level of scrutiny.