SU-G-JeP1-13: Innovative Tracking Detector for Dose Monitoring in Hadron Therapy: Realization and Monte Carlo Simulations




Development of strategies to monitor range uncertainties is necessary to improve treatment planning in Charged Particle Therapy (CPT) and fully exploit the advantages of ion beams. Our group developed (within the framework of the INSIDE project funded by the Italian research ministry) and is currently building a compact detector Dose Profiler (DP) able to backtrack charged secondary particles produced in the patient during the irradiation. Furthermore we are studying monitoring strategy exploiting charged secondary emission profiles to control the range of the ion beam.


This contribution reports on the DP detector design and construction status. The detector consists of a charged secondary tracker composed of scintillating fiber layers and a LYSO calorimeter for particles energy measurement.The detector layout has been optimized using the FLUKA Monte Carlo (MC) simulation software. The simulation of a 220 MeV Carbon beam impinging on a PMMA target has been performed to study the detector response, exploiting previous secondary radiation measurements performed by our group. The emission profile of charged secondary particles was reconstructed backtracking the particles to their generation point to benchmark the DP performances.


The DP construction status, including the technological details will be presented. The feasibility of range monitoring with DP will be demonstrated by means of MC studies. The correlation of the charged secondary particles emission shape with the position of the Bragg peak (BP) will be shown, as well as the spatial resolution achievable on the BP position estimation (less than 3 mm) in the clinical like conditions.


The simulation studies supported the feasibility of an accurate range monitoring technique exploiting the use of charged secondary fragments emitted during the particle therapy treatment. The DP experimental tests are foreseen in 2016, at CNAO particle therapy center in Pavia.