SU-G-TeP4-08: Automating the Verification of Patient Treatment Parameters




To automate the daily verification of each patient's treatment by utilizing the trajectory log files (TLs) written by the Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator while reducing the number of false positives including jaw and gantry positioning errors, that are displayed in the Treatment History tab of Varian's Chart QA module.


Small deviations in treatment parameters are difficult to detect in weekly chart checks, but may be significant in reducing delivery errors, and would be critical if detected daily. Software was developed in house to read TLs. Multiple functions were implemented within the software that allow it to operate via a GUI to analyze TLs, or as a script to run on a regular basis. In order to determine tolerance levels for the scripted analysis, 15,241 TLs from seven TrueBeams were analyzed. The maximum error of each axis for each TL was written to a CSV file and statistically analyzed to determine the tolerance for each axis accessible in the TLs to flag for manual review. The software/scripts developed were tested by varying the tolerance values to ensure veracity. After tolerances were determined, multiple weeks of manual chart checks were performed simultaneously with the automated analysis to ensure validity.


The tolerance values for the major axis were determined to be, 0.025 degrees for the collimator, 1.0 degree for the gantry, 0.002cm for the y-jaws, 0.01cm for the x-jaws, and 0.5MU for the MU. The automated verification of treatment parameters has been in clinical use for 4 months. During that time, no errors in machine delivery of the patient treatments were found.


The process detailed here is a viable and effective alternative to manually checking treatment parameters during weekly chart checks.