MO-DE-201-03: Empathy



Medical physicists possess technical knowledge and problem solving skills required to deliver high quality diagnosis and treatment in the clinic, to provide excellence in research, or to transfer expertise in industrial or regulatory environments. As the healthcare industry rapidly evolves, medical physicists must make a case for ensuring recognition of their value. One of many ways the AAPM is working to ensure stewardship of the profession is through development of the Medical Physics Leadership Academy (MPLA).

This session will provide an introduction to the MPLA and one of its focus areas of emotional intelligence. The session will make the case for emotional competencies in addition to technical competencies. MPLA work group representatives will share consolidated results from conducting 360 feedback assessments used to measure emotional competencies of medical physicists. Some emotional competencies contribute more to professional success than others, and the session will explain how to overcome shortcomings. Two specific emotional competencies will be covered: selfawareness and empathy.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Understand the importance of medical physics leadership in the future of health care
  • 2.Understand emotional intelligence and emotional competencies and ways they can be measured
  • 3.Utilize self-awareness and empathy to improve management of our own emotions and others