MO-FG-CAMPUS-TeP3-03: Calculation of Proton Pencil Beam Properties with Full Beamline Model in TOPAS




Introducing Monte Carlo based dose calculation algorithms into proton therapy planning systems (TPS) leads to improved accuracy. However accurate modelling of the proton pencil beam impinging the patient is necessary. Current approaches rely on measurement-driven reconstruction of phase-space and spectrum properties, typically constrained to analytical model functions. In this study a detailed Monte Carlo model of the complete cyclotron-based delivery system was created with the aim of providing more representative beam properties at treatment position.


A model of the Varian Probeam proton system from the cyclotron exit to isocenter was constructed in the TOPAS Monte Carlo framework. The beam evolution through apertures and magnetic elements was validated using Transport/Turtle calculations and additionally against measurements from the Probeam™ system at Scripps Proton Therapy Center (SPTC) in San Diego, CA. A voxelized water phantom at isocenter allowed for comparison of the dose-depth curve from the Probeam model with that of a corresponding Gaussian beam over the entire energy range (70–240 MeV). Measurements of relative beam fluence cross-profiles and depth-dose curves at and around isocenter were also compared to the MC results.


The simulated TOPAS beam envelope was found to agree with both the Transport/Turtle and measurements to within 5% for most of the beamline. The MC predicted energy spectrum at isocenter was found to deviate increasingly from Gaussian at energies below 160 MeV. The corresponding effects on the depth dose curve agreed well with measurements.


Given the flexibility of TOPAS and available details of the delivery system, an accurate characterization of a proton pencil beam at isocenter is possible. Incorporation of the MC derived properties of the proton pencil beam can eliminate analytical approximations and ultimately increase treatment plan accuracy and quality.

Both authors are employees of Varian Medical Systems