TU-A-201-00: Image Guidance Technologies and Management Strategies



Recent years have seen a widespread proliferation of available in-room image guidance systems for radiation therapy target localization with many centers having multiple in-room options. In this session, available imaging systems for in-room IGRT will be reviewed highlighting the main differences in workflow efficiency, targeting accuracy and image quality as it relates to target visualization. Decision-making strategies for integrating these tools into clinical image guidance protocols that are tailored to specific disease sites like H&N, lung, pelvis, and spine SBRT will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Major system characteristics of a wide range of available in-room imaging systems for IGRT.
  • 2.Advantages / disadvantages of different systems for site-specific IGRT considerations.
  • 3.Concepts of targeting accuracy and time efficiency in designing clinical imaging protocols.