TU-B-207B-01: Challenges in Radiomics and Big Data



The general learning objectives are to get a better understanding of

  • The pitfalls along the radiomics/radiogenomics (imaging genomics) pipeline
  • The crucial role of statistics in the design and evaluation of radiomics/radiogenomics phenotypes and systems
  • The special challenges associated with big data
  • 1.Introduction
    • a.Basic statistical concepts
    • b.Association, correlation, and causality
    • c.Know when your numbers are significant
  • 2.Reproducibility
    • a.Replication studies
      • i.The extent of the problem
      • ii.Curse of dimensionality, overfitting, multiple hypothesis testing
      • iii.Sample size, P-value variability
  • 3.“Big Data”
    • a.“Big data” vs. “medium data” vs. “small data”
    • b.Training and testing data sets
    • c.Harmonization

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