TU-D-206-03: TS Body Dose



The current use of tomosynthesis for musculo-skeletal, abdominal, and thoracic imaging will be considered in four sections:

A. Current Practice (M. Bath) : The presently available systems for body tomosynthesis will be reviewed and the current diagnostic applications described.

B. Image Features and artifacts (M. FLynn): The consequence of a limited angle linear acquisition scan on image features and artifacts will be explained.

C. Radiation Dose (J. Sabol): The organ dose associated with common tomosynthesis protocols will be reported and compared to the dose for radiographic and computed tomography procedures.

D. Acceptance testing and Quality Assurance (K. Jones): Recommended medical physics acceptance test will be described and appriate programs for quality assurance discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Learn how body tomosynthesis is currently being used in diagnostic radiology.
  • 2.Understand how scan acquisitions can be designed to optimize image content and minimize artifacts.
  • 3.Learn to radiation dose associated with common protocols.
  • 4.Understand how to best evaluate a newly purchased tomosynthesis system.

J. Sabol, Presenter is an employee of GE Healthcare.