TU-FG-204-03: An Overview of the CT Protocol Optimization Team at The University of Washington



The role of a medical physicist involved with clinical CT activities is changing rapidly. No longer is the physicist responsible for simply ensuring scanner QA. This shift is evident by looking at the trend to regulate more and more aspects of what activities must be performed to keep a CT practice within compliance. In this symposium, new guidelines from the ACR, Joint Commission, and several states will be addressed. An overview of these regulations will be provided. Then, three speakers will provide an in-depth account of how their CT protocol Optimization team functions. Lastly, a representative from the Joint Commission will provide recent surveyor education, experience, and trend information.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Understand the ACR, Joint Commission, and aspects of several state regulations/guidelines related to the clinical practice of CT.
  • 2.Learn how a CT protocol optimization is organized and what tasks physicists perform from the perspective of four different institutions.

T. Szczykutowicz, TPS provides CT protocols to GE Healthcare under a license agreement. TPS receives grant support from GE Healthcare.