TU-E-TOUR-I-00: Exhibit Hall Guided Tours-Dosimters for QC in Diagnostic Imaging (Tuesday)


Tour Leader: Xia Jiang, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Tour Guides:

Xia Jiang, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Kevin Little, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Christina Sammet, Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Participating Vendors:


PTW - New York

Radcal Corporation

RTI Electronics, Inc.

Exhibit Hall Guided Tours is a new program launching this year at the Annual Meeting. The Guided Tours are designed to enhance the interaction between meeting attendees and exhibitors. This year's Imaging Guided Tours are organized around the theme of dosimeters for quality control in diagnostic imaging. Tours will begin with an introduction and background given by Dr. Xia Jiang, the Tour Leader. The introduction will cover the types and properties of different radiation dosimeters used for quality assurance in clinical radiology. Attendees will then break into smaller groups, each lead by an AAPM-member Tour Guide. The tour groups will visit the exhibit booths of vendors who provide appropriate dosimeters, and a vendor representative will give a presentation to the group about their particular product(s). The vendor representatives as well as the Tour Guides will be available to answer questions.


  • 1.Types and properties of radiation detectors and dosimeters
  • 2.Ionization chamber dosimeters
  • 3.Solid state dosimeters
  • 4.Dosimeter calibration: Primary and secondary standards dosimetry laboratories
  • 5.Instruments for measuring tube voltage and exposure time

Vendor presentations will likely cover features and innovations of different dosimeter systems, as well as their practical use.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Understand the types and properties of different instrumentations used for quality control in diagnostic imaging.
  • 2.Understand the process of dosimeter calibration.
  • 3.Gain familiarity with the latest commercial dosimeter systems from different vendors.