TU-H-207B-01: Memorial Tribute



Research and development in radiomics for precision medicine have been advancing at a rapid pace, and can be extended to eventually be mature enough for integration into clinical practice. To facilitate advances in this field, investigators need updated information on research funding, regulatory matters, and clinical translation efforts. In this special radiomics symposium, the attendee will learn of various novel funding mechanisms – both past and present – that have been used to support a number of quantitative imaging and radiomics research and resource infrastructures. In addition, a regulatory presentation will be given to provide the attendee with an understanding of when a radiomics tool might require FDA clearance or approval, and with what supporting performance data. We will end with insights from a clinical radiologist who is greatly involved in quantitative imaging in order to enable the attendee to appreciate the needs and subtleties involved in moving radiomics into the clinical workflow.

J. Boone, This is a memorial and not a funded event.