WE-D-BRB-03: Current State of Volumetric Image Guidance for Proton Therapy



The goal of this session is to review the physics of proton therapy, treatment planning techniques, and the use of volumetric imaging in proton therapy. The course material covers the physics of proton interaction with matter and physical characteristics of clinical proton beams. It will provide information on proton delivery systems and beam delivery techniques for double scattering (DS), uniform scanning (US), and pencil beam scanning (PBS). The session covers the treatment planning strategies used in DS, US, and PBS for various anatomical sites, methods to address uncertainties in proton therapy and uncertainty mitigation to generate robust treatment plans. It introduces the audience to the current status of image guided proton therapy and clinical applications of CBCT for proton therapy. It outlines the importance of volumetric imaging in proton therapy.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Gain knowledge in proton therapy physics, and treatment planning for proton therapy including intensity modulated proton therapy.
  • 2.The current state of volumetric image guidance equipment in proton therapy.
  • 3.Clinical applications of CBCT and its advantage over orthogonal imaging for proton therapy.

B. Teo, B.K Teo had received travel funds from IBA in 2015.