WE-F-BRC-01: Keynote Address: Learning From Medical Errors: A Partnership for Progress



Leilani Schweitzer understands medical error as few others do: through the death of her child. Faced with this profound loss, she has made a choice. Instead of pursing action through the courts she works with healthcare community to understand why mistakes happen and what can be done to respond to them in a meaningful way. In this keynote address for the TG100 Certificate Course on Risk Analysis, she will share her story and the lessons that have emerged. She will highlight the importance of investigating and understanding errors, as well as the role of leadership in accomplishing this. She will describe the advances that she has made in partnership with the healthcare community. Her experience is a powerful reminder of the errors that no one wants to happen and what can be done to stop them.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Recognize the impact of medical errors on patients and their families
  • 2.Understand the value of systems thinking as opposed to a culture of blaming the provider
  • 3.Appreciate the recent advances made in error and risk reduction