WE-F-209-00: A Practical Guide to Radiation Safety Surveys



Over the past few years, numerous Accreditation Bodies, Regulatory Agencies, and State Regulations have implemented requirements for Radiation Safety Surveys following installation or modification to x-ray rooms. The objective of this session is to review best practices in performing radiation safety surveys for both Therapy and Diagnostic installations, as well as a review of appropriate survey instruments.

This session will be appropriate for both therapy and imaging physicists who are looking to increase their working knowledge of radiation safety surveys.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Identify Appropriate Survey Meters for Radiation Safety Surveys
  • 2.Develop best practices for Radiation Safety Surveys for Therapy units that include common areas of concern.
  • 3.Develop best practices for Radiation Safety Surveys of Diagnostic and Nuclear Medicine rooms.
  • 4.Identify acceptable dose levels and the factors that affect the calculations associated with performing Radiation Safety Surveys.