TH-AB-206-01: Advances in Radionuclide Therapy - From Radioiodine to Nanoparticles



In the past few decades, the field of nuclear medicine has made long strides with the continued advancement of related sciences and engineering and the availability of diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides. Leveraging these advancements while combining the advantages of therapeutic and diagnostic radionuclides into one radiopharmaceutical has also created a new subfield “theranostics” in nuclear medicine that has the potential to further propel the field into the future.

This session is composed of two talks; one focused on the physics principles of theranostics from properties of beta and alpha emitting radionuclides to dosimetric models and quantification; while the second describes preclinical and clinical applications of theranostics and discusses the challenges and opportunities of bringing them to the clinic.

At the end of the session the listener should be able to identify:

  • The different properties of beta and alpha emitting radionuclides
  • Which radionuclides are selected for which nuclear medicine therapies and why
  • How PET can be used to accurately quantify the uptake of tumor targeting molecules
  • How individualized dosimetry can be performed from the management of thyroid cancer to novel radiolabeled antibody therapies
  • Promising pre-clinical radiopharmaceutical pairs in prostate cancer and melanoma.
  • Promising clinical Theranostics in neuroendocrine cancers.
  • Challenges of bringing Theranostics to the clinic.

E. Delpassand, RITA Foundation -Houston; SBIR Grant; CEO and share holder of RadioMedix.