TH-E-201-01: Diagnostic Radiology Residents Physics Curriculum and Updates



The ABR Core Examination stresses integrating physics into real-world clinical practice and, accordingly, has shifted its focus from passive recall of facts to active application of physics principles. Physics education of radiology residents poses a challenge. The traditional method of didactic lectures alone is insufficient, yet it is difficult to incorporate physics teaching consistently into clinical rotations due to time constraints.

Faced with this challenge, diagnostic medical physicists who teach radiology residents, have been thinking about how to adapt their teaching to the new paradigm, what to teach and meet expectation of the radiology resident and the radiology residency program. The proposed lecture attempts to discuss above questions. Newly developed diagnostic radiology residents physics curriculum by the AAPM Imaging Physics Curricula Subcommittee will be reviewed. Initial experience on hands-on physics teaching will be discussed. Radiology resident who will have taken the BAR Core Examination will share the expectation of physics teaching from a resident perspective.

The lecture will help develop robust educational approaches to prepare radiology residents for safer and more effective lifelong practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Learn updated physics requirements for radiology residents
  • 2.Pursue effective approaches to teach physics to radiology residents
  • 3.Learn expectation of physics teaching from resident perspective

J. Zhang, This topic is partially supported by RSNA Education Scholar Grant