TH-EF-BRC-04: Quality Management Program



This Hands-on Workshop will be focused on providing participants with experience with the principal tools of TG 100 and hence start to build both competence and confidence in the use of risk-based quality management techniques. The three principal tools forming the basis of TG 100's risk analysis: Process mapping, Failure-Modes and Effects Analysis and fault-tree analysis will be introduced with a 5 minute refresher presentation and each presentation will be followed by a 30 minute small group exercise. An exercise on developing QM from the risk analysis follows. During the exercise periods, participants will apply the principles in 2 different clinical scenarios. At the conclusion of each exercise there will be ample time for participants to discuss with each other and the faculty their experience and any challenges encountered.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1.To review the principles of Process Mapping, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis.
  • 2.To gain familiarity with these three techniques in a small group setting.
  • 3.To share and discuss experiences with the three techniques with faculty and participants.

Director, TreatSafely, LLC. Director, Center for the Assessment of Radiological Sciences. Occasional Consultant to the IAEA and Varian.