• claims/injury management;
  • employer perceptions;
  • rehabilitation

This paper discusses from the employer's point of view some of the practical considerations that need to be taken into account once a WorkCover claim has been registered by an employee in South Australia. Much time, energy, commitment and financial resources by human resource personnel are devoted to accomplishing rehabilitation and return-to-work objectives, yet employers' views appear to be an area of comparatively little research. Effective risk management, early intervention, a commitment by the injured worker to return to work, a non-adversarial context and competent injury/rehabilitation management at the worksite are critical factors to an early return to work. Clear communication and a rigorous quality service performance by the medical and vocational providers are seen by employers and human resource management as influencing successful rehabilitation and successful return-to-work outcomes. This paper presents some of the common concerns of the employers as major stakeholders, particularly as rehabilitation and return to work is a core function of human resource management; it also sets out some elements that should improve system performance and outcomes.