Apolipoprotein E Genotype and Age at Menopause


Address for correspondence: Jalal Koochmeshgi, National Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, P. O. Box 14155-6343, Tehran, Iran. jkoochmeshgi@yahoo.co.uk


Abstract: We tested the hypothesis that there is a connection between apolipoprotein E (APOE) genotype and age at menopause. A sample of women aged between 50 and 60 years who had reached natural menopause was studied. Survival analysis of data showed a significant relationship between APOE genotype and age at menopause, carriers of the APOE4 allele reaching menopause at an earlier age. Our findings can have a bearing on the question of the evolution of this major human polymorphism and human life history. These findings are also relevant to the question of the connection between reproductive parameters and age-associated diseases.