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Use of Bi-Allelic Insertion/Deletion Polymorphisms as a Positive Control for Fetal Genotyping in Maternal Blood

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Address for correspondence: Godelieve C.M.L. Page-Christiaens, Division of Perinatology and Gynecology, University Medical Centre, P.B. 85090, 3508 AB Utrecht, the Netherlands. Voice: +31-30-2506426; fax: +31-30-2505320.


Abstract: Amplification of fetal DNA in maternal plasma is a new way for non-invasive fetal genotyping in pregnancies at risk for disorders where the presence of a paternal DNA sequence contributes to the risk status of the fetus. We describe the use of a panel of 10 bi-allelic highly polymorphic markers to ascertain the presence and amplification of fetal DNA in case the fetus is negative for the targeted paternal “disease” sequence.