Population Survey of Egyptian Arthropods for Rickettsial Agents


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Abstract: Between June 2002 and July 2003, 987 fleas, representing four species, and 1019 ticks, representing one argasid and eight ixodid species, were collected from Egyptian animals. These arthropods were tested for rickettsial agents using polymerase chain reaction. DNAs from Anaplasma and Ehrlichia spp. were detected in 13 ticks. Previously undescribed Bartonella spp. were detected in 21 fleas. Coxiella burnetii was detected in two fleas and 20 ticks. Rickettsia typhi was detected in 27 fleas from 10 cities. Spotted fever group rickettsiae were detected in both fleas and ticks and included Rickettsia aeschlimanii and an unnamed Rickettsia sp.