Pancreatic Autoimmunity Induction with Insulin B:9–23 Peptide and Viral Mimics in the NZB Mouse


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Abstract: To create a new experimental model of diabetes, we used the New Zealand Black (NZB) mouse as a potential model. NZB mice were immunized with B:9–23 insulin peptide in IFA and the viral mimic, poly(A:U).No diabetes was observed but blood glucose was significantly higher in the B:9–23 peptide group compared to controls. Insulin autoantibodies (IAA) were only induced in groups given the B:9–23 peptide. B:9–23 alone induced peri-insulitis. We demonstrate insulin autoimmunity in the NZB mouse using the insulin peptide B:9–23 and viral mimics. The reason for the protection from diabetes despite the presence of autoimmunity is currently not established.