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The Involvement of Different Mobile LINE Copies of Blood Plasma and Extrachromosomal DNA of Liver Cells in Systemic Adaptive Response


Address for correspondence: S. S. Sherlina, Scientific Research Institute of Military Medicine DoD RF, Lesoparcovaya 4. St-Petersburg 195043 Russia. Voice: +812-5277845; fax: +812-5273957.


The aim of this work was to investigate the dynamics of the quantity of LINE in the DNA composition of blood plasma and extrachromosomal DNA of liver cells under conditions of either immobilization or exposure to ionizing radiation or a combination of both factors. It has been established that post-stress changes in the quantity of genetic elements may be interpreted as an activation of the mechanisms of retroposition and intercellular transfer of genetic elements that ensure the formation of adaptive responses at the systemic level. The formation of adaptive responses is expressed through the reduction of the content of the low-molecular-weight fraction of the extracellular DNA.