Electrophysiological Brain Responses of Six-Month-Old Low Risk Premature Infants


Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota, 51 East River Road, Minneapolis, MN 55455. E-mail: canelson@umn.edu


This study sought to examine the electrophysiological correlates of visual perceptual priming in a sample of low risk preterm infants. We compared the ERP data of 20 healthy preterm infants at the age of 6 months (corrected age: 4 months) to those of 20 six-month-old and 20 four-month-old full term infants. The comparison groups represented the preterm infants' chronological and corrected ages respectively. The results showed that the brain responses of the preterm infants at the age of 6 months, specifically the topography and the latency of the Nc component, are more similar to those of their corrected age peers than to those of the chronological age controls.