• Oral Program

Plenary Session 1

Measures taken in Europe to improve nutritional practice

Olle Ljungqvist

Functional Foods

Linda Tapsell

Preventative Health Taskforce

Mike Daube

Concurrent Session T1

Nutrition Solutions

Metabolic preparation for surgery

Ollie Ljungqvist

Does nutrition intervention for mildly-moderately malnourished patients in an acute care setting make a difference?

Cheryl Watterson, Amanda Sutton, Hui Zhu

Nutrition as medication for hospitalised patients with malnutrition in a geriatric and rehabilitation unit (GARU)

Lindsey Webb, Katrina Campbell, Angela Vivanti, Maree Ferguson

Concurrent Session T2

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical dilemmas resulting from imprecise vitamin D tests

Simone Harrison, Madeleine Nowak, Petra Buettner, Michael Kimlin, David Porter, Lee Kennedy, Rick Speare

Weight gain in patients post liver transplant: mapping the significance and potential predictors

Eryn Murray, Azmat Ali, Katrina L Campbell

Incidence, and impact on food intake, of gastrointestinal symptoms in dialysis patients

Karen Salamon, Julie Woods

Evaluation of the nutritional status of patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Yajuan Gao, Rupert WL Leong, Kylie Scarfe

Concurrent Session T3

Innovation/Information Technology

Development of an online decision tool to guide dietary intake methodology selection

Tracy Burrows, Rebecca Golley, Clare Collins, Anthea Margarey

A telephone-delivered dietary and physical activity intervention: does intervention dose influence outcomes

Lisa Ulyate, Ana Goode, Elisabeth Winkler, Sheleigh Lawler, Marina Reeves, Neville Owen, Elizabeth Eakin

Nourishing networks: an innovative program for rural health professionals working with eating disorder clients

Deanne Harris, Leanne Brown, Fiona Little, Deborah Pryor, Miriam Grotowski

Web-based weight loss: how can the Internet support dietitians to treat overweight and obese clients?

Melinda Neve, Philip Morgan, Clare Collins

Concurrent Session T4

Food Security

Fighting food insecurity with fruits and vegetables

Helena Nicolaou, Kelly Burchfield, Katrina Doljanin

Kooris in the Kitchen – a culturally modified Community Kitchens project with Aboriginal community members in Melbourne

Robyn Delbridge, Denise McGuiness

Food insecurity: is it an issue among tertiary students in a metropolitan university in Queensland?

Kai Wen Ong, Danielle Gallegos

Concurrent Session T5

Infants and Paediatrics

First time parents’ groups as targets for breastfeeding promotion: the Melbourne InFANT Program

Adrian Cameron, Kylie Hesketh, Karen Campbell

The efficacy and safety of a higher protein human milk fortifier on growth in preterm infants

Jacqui Miller, Cannel Collins, Robert Gibson, Androw McPhee, Scott Morris, Tyman Stanford, Maria Makrides

The introduction of complementary foods by South Australian mothers and predictors of early introduction

Fiona Taylor, Lynne Daniels, Jane Scott, Chelsea Mauch, Anthea Magarey

How are babies currently being fed in Queensland?

Michelle Harrison, Ian Hunter, Gayle Pollard

Concurrent Session T6

Weight Management

Are dietary and physical activity changes maintained following a 12-month telephone-delivered intervention? The Logan Healthy Living Program

Marina Reeves, Elisabeth Winkler, Sheleigh Lawler, Neville Owen, Elizabeth Eakin

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding and food tolerance: changes in the first three months after surgery

Alison Dodsworth, Helen Warren-Forward, Surinder Baines

Developing easy identification of morbid obesity (bariatric) amongst inpatients of a tertiary teaching hospital

Angela Vivanti

Underreporting or true dietary change? Measurements in an overweight adult cohort participating in a moderate-intensity exercise program

Kathryn Jackson, Nuala Byrne, Andrew Hills