FRIDAY 28 MAY 2010

Plenary Session 2

Lecture in Honour: Audrey Cahn

Nutrients in chronic disease

Caryl Nowson

Plenary Session 3

Translating research into clinical practice: travelling the blue highway

Helen Truby

Mentoring for professional development – a journey of discovery

Claire Palermo

Plenary Session 4

The International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology (IDNT): a ‘Big Bang’ for dietetics practice

Sandra Capra

The revision of dietary guidelines

Amanda Lee

Food Claims Labelling and the Trade Practices Act

Brenton Philp

Concurrent Session F1

General Dietetic Practice

Use of anthropometry in dietetic practice: inconsistent with practice guidelines and an under-utilised tool

Janice Lai, Susannah King, Karen Walker

Nutrition intervention research in community pharmacy: A systematic review of the literature using an analytical framework

Jude Maher, Roger Hughes

Improving the delivery of nutrition advice in general practice

Lana Mitchell, Lesley MacDonald-Wicks, Sandra Capra

Dose adjustment for normal eating (DAFNE) outcomes in a rural setting

Nicole Kellow

Concurrent Session F2

Clinical Nutrition

Older rehabilitation patients are at high risk of malnutrition: evidence from a large Australian database

Karen Charlton, Clare Nichols, Steven Bowden, Kelly Lambert, Lilliana Barone, Michelle Mason, Marianna Milosavljevic

Can volunteer feeding assistants increase the energy and protein intakes in hospitalised elderly patients? – A health services evaluation

Kerri Harris, Fiona Manning, Rhys Duncan, Karen Walton, Julie Bracks, Katja Jukkola, Janet Bell, Maria Chan, Marijka Batterham

Dietetic workload in rural acute care settings

Leanne Brown, Lauren Williams, Sandra Capra

Usual nutrition care in elderly hip fracture patients: a South Australian perspective

Rachel Milte, Michelle Miller, Ian Cameron, Shylie Mackintosh, Susan Kurrle, Craig Whitehead, Maria Crotty

Concurrent Session F3

Dietetic Workforce

Modernising a nutrition and dietetic curriculum: themes and innovation

Janeane Dart, Claire Palermo, Helen Truby

Impact of compulsory rural placement on early employment of dietetic graduates

Andrea Bryce, Ella Busch

Establishing Sustainable Community-Based Dietetic Placements

Donna Hickling

The role of Nutrition Assistants in a stretched workforce

Jennifer Ellick, Rebecca Smith

Concurrent Session F4


Sweet Truths: is increasing fructose consumption an underlying cause of the obesity epidemic?

Alicia Sim, Alan Barclay

Fibre: male participants not getting enough

Rebecca Thorne, Jane O'Shea, Qingsheng Zhang, Linda Tapsell, Marijka Batterham, Karen Charlton

A review of treatment strategies for iron deficiencies presenting in women in developed countries and children in developing countries

Katie Williams, Michelle Palmer

Omega 3 – Is there alternative to fish?

Catherine Itsiopoulos, Laima Brazionis, Caitlin Saunders, Kerin O'Dea

Concurrent Session F5

Children and Adolescents

Insulin pump therapy in children and adolescents: changes in dietary habits, composition and QOL

Jessica McDonald, Liz Mount, Mary-Anne Silvers

Is there a decline in the consumption of high-sugar foods among children?

Anna Rangan, Vicki Flood, Janis Kwan, Jimmy Louie, Tim Gill

A validation study of children's dietary fat intake using red blood cell membrane fatty acids

Tracy Burrows, Bronwyn Berthton, Clare Collins

What foods are contributing to high dietary sodium intakes in Australian children?

Carley Grime, Karen Campbell, Lynn Riddell, Caryl Nowson

Concurrent Session F6

Weight Management

24-hour energy expenditure in healthy overweight subjects: agreement between prediction equations and indirect calorimetry

Qingsheng Zhang, Sze-Yen Tan, Marijka Betterham, Linda Tapsell, Karen Charlton

Systematic review of diet and physical activity interventions aimed at reducing excessive weight gain in pregnancy

Paige van der Pligt, Karen Campbell, Kylie Hesketh

Soluble fibre and weight control: oat β-glucan in energy restricted diets

Eleanor J Beck, Linda C Tapsell, Xu-Feng Huang, Marijka Batterham