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Challenges of managing eating disorder patients in an acute public mental health service: a dietitian's perspective

Jacqueline Anderson, Jillian Hawker

Evaluation of the food service management professional placement competency based assessment form

Judy Appleton

Comparison of delivered meal serve sizes with the home and community care guidelines

Judy Appleton, Jenna Yeo, Shanelle Bailey, Jessica Macri, Kate Lyell, Jodie Smith, Arabella Forge, Jacqueline Young, Laura Jones, Stephanie Kyriazis, Amanda Hill, Chloe Fast

Meal time activities influence resident dietary intakes in residential aged care – a pilot study

Ann-Marie Ball, Shamley Chand, Renee Clark, Karen Walton

Nutrition care provision by Australian general practitioners – perceptions of medical educators

Lauren Ball, Michael Leveritt, Roger Hughes

What nutrition information on food labels do people with diabetes seek?

Alan Barclay

The effect of pre-operative oral immunonutrition therapy on postoperative outcomes in gastrointestinal surgery patients

Lisa Barker, Catrina Gray, Lisa Wilson, Ben Thomson, Susan Shedda, Tim Crowe

Determining the best dietary management for children with Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) at The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Katie Barwick, Kerryn Eades

Promoting supportive community environments for breastfeeding: an audit of public parenting facilities

Jane Baxter, Mia West, Caroline Martin, Deb Blakley

Mapping the evidence-practice gap for nutritional management of malnutrition across the continuum of care at Eastern Health

Melissa Berryman, Rachel Jamieson

Dietary intakes of Australian women prior to conception

Michelle Blumfield, Alexis Hure, Lesley MacDonald-Wicks, Amanda Patterson, Roger Smith, Clare Collins

Investigating the impact of chemotherapy on taste function

Anna Boltong

The prevention of childhood obesity in economically disadvantage communities: process evaluation of an after-school program for families

James Bray, Tracy Burrows, Clare E Collins, Philip J. Morgan

A pilot study of the effect of a specialised nutritional supplement on pressure ulcer healing in community spinal patients

Sarah Brewer, Kate Desneves, Leonie Pearce, Kelly Mills, Lyn Dunn, Doug Brown, Timothy Crowe

Rural based dietetic academic roles: opportunities for growth and capacity building

Leanne Brown, Elesa Crowley, Kerith Duncanson, Gillian Woodward, Nyree Kooloos

Colour-coded menu improves dietary choices in adults with severe mental illness

Kylie Bruce, Jenny Sharpe, Terry Stedman

Current feeding practices after elective colorectal surgery at Frankston Hospital: a retrospective Audit

Louise Buckley, Neha Kaul, Fiona Turnbull

Trends in purchasing patterns of sugar sweetened water based beverages in a remote Aboriginal community store following the implementation of a community developed store nutrition policy

Rosalind Butler, Linda Tapsell, Philippa Lyons-Wall

An effective workplace nutrition intervention for public hospital staff

Peta Carige, Katrina L Campbell, Toni Connolly, Maree Ferguson

Comparison of meal sizes with the Nutrition Standard and patients’ perceptions in a large regional hospital

Jessica Chan, Fiona Sneyd, Lee Cahill, Jane Foster

Shared bed bays – do they affect the level of assistance provided at mealtimes?

Wendy Chang, Rebecca Smith

Feasibility of a tele-consult dietetic service in primary care

Won Tin Chian, Wei Chek For, Claudine Loong, Sarah Sinaram

The implementation of standardised nutrition practice for liver disease in an acute-care teaching hospital

SiewCheng Chong, Vanessa Brenninger, Deirdre Mathai

The role of portfolios in dietetic practice

Lisa Cochrane, Elizabeth Frew

Queensland metropolitan dietitians: an exploratory investigation of factors affecting workforce engagement

Sarah Cody, Ben Desbrow, Maree Ferguson

Work and breastfeeding policy quality improvement project

Leonie Cole, Matthew Newby, Simone Johnston

Modified texture menu analysis

Leonie Cole, Elizabeth Thomas, Judy Bauer, Mary Hannan-Jones

Lifestyle characteristics of Australian prostate cancer survivors and use of complementary and alternative medicines

Allison Collogan, SJ Bowe, J Denham, S Capra, S Baines

Food: a tool for developing cultural competency during clinical placement

Melissa Corken, Anna Boltong, Janeane Dart

Peer influences on adolescent eating – a review of the literature

Marian Cornett

Fish consumption in the SMART clinical trial

AL Cossey, EP Neale, LC Tapsell

Characteristics of patients admitted to the Paediatric Ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital for acute management of disordered eating

Kate Costelloe

Visually estimating a serving size of meat for preschool children: hands up for a novel approach

Siobhan Coster, Kristina Kustura, Vivienne Sullivan, Claire Palermo, Helen Truby

Length of stay in Queensland Health hospitals – what the data reveals

Denise Cruickshank, Merrilyn Banks

Describing the nutritional risk profile of obese pregnant women

Susan de Jersey, Lynda Ross, Kate Furness, Leonie Callaway

Make a move for aboriginal elders in Melbourne

Robyn Delbridge, Andrea Leigh, Kaylene Sherwell, Denise McGuinness, Glynis Vickery

Koori Community Kitchens – the development of culturally safe and relevant training resources for facilitators

Robyn Delbridge, Josh Pereira, Julia McCartan, Jennifer Browne, Sharon Thorpe, Denise McGuiness

Prescription, delivery and consumption of oral nutritional supplements at Western Heath

Kim Dennis

Investigation of factors impacting on fluid intake adequacy of patients with dysphagia in three Melbourne Health Networks

Kate Desneves, Leonie Pearce, Eliza Jervis-Read, Andrea Bramley, Rachel Evans, Allison Lauder, Marlene Gojanovic, Tim Crowe

Fussy Eater Program

Nadine Dobell

An assessment of the school environment to evaluate the impact of an award program in primary schools

Amber Drake, Lauren Prosser, Andrea de Silva-Sanigorski, Lauren Carpenter

What is a sustainable food?

Veronique Droulez, Beverley Henry

Evaluation of two weight management interventions for the future: face-to-face vs electronic support (e-support)

Varitha Dulayanurak, Angela Vivanti, Michelle Palmer

Evaluation of a hospital based volunteer feeding assistance program

Rhys Duncan, Kerri Harris, Fiona Manning, Karen Walton, Julie Bracks, Katja Jukkola, Janet Bell, Maria Chan, Marijka Batterham

Child Feeding Practices at baseline in the Feeding Healthy Food to Kids study

Kerith Duncanson, Tracy Burrows, Clare Collins

The nutrient content of products served by leading Australian fast food chains

Elizabeth Dunford, Jacqui Webster, Bruce Neal

An investigation of the knowledge, skills and attitudes of carers of free-living elderly: prevention of undernutrition

Naomi Eldridge, Michael Leveritt, Roger Hughes

Food solutions: after hours access to food and fluids at The Prince Charles Hospital

Jennifer Ellick, Grace Simpson

Improvement in nutritional status of Satellite Haemodialysis patients after the commencement of Dietetic services

Janine Engstrom, Loretta Bufalino

An investigation into nutritional supplement distribution and consumption rates in the geriatric and rehabilitation unit at a tertiary teaching hospital

Catherine Fallon, Maree Ferguson, Kate Lynch, Angela Vivanti, Michelle Palmer

Comparison study for efficacy of weight management programs in achieving therapeutic weight loss

Olivia Farrer

Can exclusive breastfeeding in the first four months of life protect against adolescent obesity?: a systematic review

Melanie J Flet, Natasha K Brusco

Infant feeding patterns within the WATCH Study

Kate Fletcher, Alexis Hure, Clare Collins, Roger Smith

A systematic review of prospective studies of dairy consumption and overweight and obesity

Vicki Flood, Jimmy Louie, Anna Rangan, Tim Gill

Hospital made supplements: the better option?

Lauren Forbes, Jennifer Ellick

Nutrition screening in an acute public hospital where there are barriers to communication between clinician and patient

Elizabeth Frew, Jennifer Sequeira, Robyn Cant

Investigating nutrition education strategies for review sessions among women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Bree Gabrielsen, Meredith Kennedy, Wendy Braddock, Meagan Winter, Glenda Wise

Eating disorders in the management of obesity – a case study

Amy Gavaghan, Amber Kelaart

A comparison of two nutrition screening tools to identify malnutrition in acute medical wards

Simone Gibson

Investigating rates of ‘failure to attend’ in Dietetic Outpatient Clinic, the reasons why and satisfaction with the service

Amy Gregor, Mary-Kate Inkster

Dieting practices and eating behaviours in young overweight women

Hayley Griffin, Helen O’Connor, Kieron Rooney, Katharine Steinbeck

Effect of nutrition education on diet quality among a sample of patients with gestational diabetes

Elise Gruber, Meredith Kennedy, Wendy Braddock, Meagan Winter, Glenda Wise

An audit of self-management practices in groups conducted at Dianella Community Health Centre

Elaine Hadj, Rhonda Petschel

The importance of measuring dietary adherence in a weight loss trial

Emma Hall, Michelle Palmer, Sandra Capra, Surinder Baines

Relationship between Father and Child intakes of fruit, vegetables and non-core – the Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids study

Laura Hall, Clare Collins, Tracy Burrows

Increasing dietary intake of asylum seekers by increasing food access strengthening foodbank, increasing knowledge

Sue Hannon, Connie Valsamis

The ‘Keeping Kids Smiling’ pilot project – a first step to improving the oral health of primary school children

Irene Haramis, Chloe Schibeci, Linda Fiddes, Christine McEldrew, Claire Palermo

10?years on – has the nutritional status in adults attending a large cystic fibrosis centre changed?

Karen Herd, Angela Matson, Scott Bell

Post-transplant diabetes (PTDM) in lung transplant recipients with cystic fibrosis

Karen Herd, Monica Wagenaar, Angela Matson, Jennifer McMillan

Associations between nutritional status, weight loss, radiotherapy treatment toxicity and treatment outcomes in gastrointestinal cancer patients: a pilot study

Amanda Hill, Nicole Kiss, Belinda Hodgson, Timothy Crowe, Adam Walsh

Dietetic monitoring of metabolic syndrome amongst patients with schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses

Gladys Hitchen

Body mass index in People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Sydney: overweight and obesity a growing problem

Louise Houtzager, Antoinette Ackerie, Julianita Purnomo, Kirsten Chee, Julie Coutelas,

Jeganathan Sarangapany

Evidence-based best-practice guidelines for nutritional supplementation in pregnancy

Alexis Hure, Ian Wright, Roger Smith, Clare Collins

Cross-validation of three dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) instruments for soft tissue body composition analysis

Elisabeth Isenring, Caitlin Rudorfer, Leigh Ward, Masa Kagawa

Improving food service provision to midwifery patients

Adrienne Jardine, Melanie Flett

Obesity affects airway inflammation in asthmatic children

Megan E Jensen, Clare E Collins, Peter G Gibson, Jodi Hilton, Lisa G Wood

Predictors of breastfeeding practices in South Australia: results from the Nourish and SAIDI projects

Foorough Kavian, Lynne Daniel, Jane Scott, Chelsea Mauch, Anthea Magerey

Are oncology patients malnourished before they start chemotherapy?

Amber Kelaart

Under the grill: dietary advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs)

Nicole Kellow

A rural pharmacy-based ‘Waist Management Project’: bringing the program to the people

Nicole Kellow

Maternal feeding practices: results from the South Australian Infants Dietary Intake Study (SAIDI)

Gloria Koh, Lynne Daniels, Jane Scott, Chelsea Mauch, Anthea Magarey

‘Liquid Gold’– a nutrition initiative

Sarah Liston, Angela Greedy, Jordan Macey, Laura O'Donnell

Continual Practice Improvement Project: undiagnosed malnutrition in cirrhotic patients

Georgina Lockwood, Rachel Wundke

Comparison between nursing staff and student dietitians in visually estimating dietary intake of the older person

Kate Lynch, Maree Ferguson, Michelle Palmer, Catherine Fallon, Angela Vivanti, Lindsey Webb

Meal patterns of young, healthy women reveal undesirable food management decisions contributing to low iron intakes

Jennifer O McArthur, Samir Samman

Time restrictions on regional dietitians and the referral process

Joanna McCormack

Evaluation of the Go 4 Green Program

Kylie McKay

Socioeconomic variations in first-time mothers diets: implications for maternal and child health. The Melbourne InFANT Program

Emily McLeod, Karen Campbell, Kylie Hesketh

First year BMI trajectory predicts subsequent survival in LT recipients

Jennifer McMillan, Peter Hopkins, Stephanie Yerkovich, Karen Herd, Daniel Chambers

A randomised controlled pilot study investigating the most effective strategy for managing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in real world clinical practice

Nicole McNabb, Anne Duggan, Cheryl Watterson, Ingrid J Hickman

Do predictive equations accurately estimate energy requirements in critically ill obese patients? A systematic review

Michelle McPhee, Jacqueline Barrett

The need to enhance community pharmacy based nutrition guidance

Jude Maher, Roger Hughes

A tale of three pumpers; challenges with CSII

Sonia Middleton, Rebecca S Stiegler

Improving placement readiness of dietetic students

Jacqueline Miller, Jolene Thomas,

Exploring farmers’ markets: what role do they play in fruit and vegetable consumption?

Anna Millichamp, Danielle Gallegos

Price, availability, variety and quality: do farmers’ markets hold the key to increasing fruit and vegetable consumption?

Anna Millichamp, Danielle Gallegos

Usual nutrition care in elderly hip fracture patients: a South Australian perspective

Rachel Milte, Michelle Miller, Ian Cameron, Shylie Mackintosh, Susan Kurrle, Craig Whitehead, Maria Crotty

Increasing referrals through enhanced relationships

Lana Mitchell, Lesley MacDonald-Wicks, Sandra Capra

Food and nutrition in Victoria in World War Two

Derek Moore

Don't fall for weight. A systematic review of weight status and falls

Heather Moore, Anna Boltong

Affordability of healthy eating in the Illawarra region 2000–2009

Abbey Morgan, Peter Williams

The efficacy of pedometers in conjunction with diet therapy to increase physical activity and achieve weight management goals

Linda Morris, Anita Darby, Rebecca Cameron, Jonathan Mond

Dietetic practice in the management of gestational diabetes: a survey of Australian dietitians

Melinda K Morrison, Clare E Collins, Julia M Lowe

A comprehensive review of HEN in a cancer setting

Sally Muir, Jenelle Loeliger

Neutropenic diets – where do we stand as a nation?

Alison Murphy, Anna Boltong

Exploring the influence of breast feeding on abdominal adiposity in young children using the waist-height ratio

Smita Nambiar, Helen Truby, Peter S W Davies

Baseline relationships between fish intakes and metabolic profiles appear different for male and female participants in a dietary intervention trial

Elizabeth Neale, Linda Tapsell, Yasmine Probst, Marijka Batterham

Lifestyle treatment of symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in adults – the dietitian's perspective

Madeleine Nowak, Petra Büttner, Simone Harrison, Cynthia McCutchan

Evaluating new ways to offer patient meals: electronic vs. paper menus

Jemma O’Hanlon, Brian Chu, Jennifer Ellick, Jennifer Barnes

The sustainability of food systems from the social perspective: a review of the literature

Gabrielle O’Kane

Start date may predict attrition 6?months into a 12mth dietary intervention weight loss trial

Jane O'Shea, Linda Tapsell, Marijka Batterham, Karen Charlton, Yasmine Probst, Rebecca Thorne, Qingsheng Zhang, Holley Jones,

Polyunsaturated fatty acid intake is inversely associated with blood pressure in adolescent boys

Therese A O'Sullivan, Alexandra P Bremner, Lawrie J Beilin, Gina L Ambrosini, Trevor A Mori, Rae-Chi Huang, Wendy H Oddy

Learning to collaborate with patients: the value of critical self-awareness

Marissa Olsen, Franziska Trede, Joy Higgs

The dietary practices of dietitians for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Australia

ShuHwa Ong, Melinda White, Sylvia Rodger, Bruce D’Arcy

Addressing meal time interruptions – transforming bedside care

Wendy Oppenheimer, Herrick Xuxi Zhang, Anna Boltong, Anita Wilton, Judith Appleton

Do you want your calcium with sodium? Ca?:?Na ratios of selected convenience cheese products

Robyn Pearce

Development and implementation of four-day cyclic cook freeze elimination menu for Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH)

Tessa Pearse, Tamara Farrell, Beth Martino, Robynne Snell

Clinical dietetic work patterns across specialty areas: a time-and-motion study

Geraldine Perez, Marianna Milosavljevic

Nutritional screening and assessment of community-dwelling older adults commencing a community-based exercise program

Megan Phillips, Michelle Miller, Amanda Foley, Robert Barnard

Snacks or supplements: a review of hospital food choices at mid-meal times

Bridget Plunkett, Suzanne Kennewell, Karen Walton

Achieving Nutrient Reference Values and 4+ grains serves in lacto-ovo vegetarian and Asian diet models

Yasmine Probst, Linda Tapsell

Upper-arm anthropometry measurement in patients infected with HIV: an alternative indicator of measurement of body composition?

Julianita Purnomo, Louise Houtzager, Jeganathan Sarangapany

Vitamin D status, Caltrate/Ostelin supplementation and prescription rates in fractured neck of femur patients

Candice Ray

Multi-disciplinary evaluation of an ICU enteral feeding algorithm

Anneli Reeves, Kellie Sosnowski, Hayden White, Michael Leveritt, Ben Desbrow

Measuring dietary change: which is more responsive – a food frequency questionnaire or a dietary behaviour questionnaire?

Marina Reeves, Elisabeth Winkler, Allison Hodge, Elizabeth Eakin

Australian dietitians’ perspectives regarding environmental sustainability of foods, and consideration of this in Professional Practices and Dietary Guidelines

Jenny Reimers

The use of a mobile phone for the recording of dietary intake: conclusions and implications for future use

Megan Rollo, Susan Ash, Philippa Lyons-Wall, Anthony Russell

The Victorian Dysphagia Screening Project for the acute stroke population

Ashley Sandison, Kate Paul

An audit of compliance to the enteral feeding protocol for critically ill patients

Ashley Sandison, Heike Raunow

Exercise and physical activity: knowledge, beliefs and practices of Australian dietitians

Brady Schulz, Ben Desbrow, Michael Leveritt

Will implementing change in malnutrition screening practice improve malnutrition screening rates and increase detection of malnourished patients in rural hospitals

Shaun Seldon

Insight: introduction of dietetic and social work services to renal satellite haemodialysis units

Raisa Shaikh, Kate MacRae, Judi Porter

Measuring body composition of preterm infants

Jill Sherriff, Gemma McLeod, Donna Geddes, Karen Simmer, Peter Hartmann, Elizabeth Nathan

The prevalence of malnutrition in cancer patients attending the outpatient clinic: a retrospective analysis

Joyi Shi, Cindy Tan

Identification and Management of malnourished cancer patients at FMC

Emma-Louise Smith, Michael Fitzgerald

Enzyme dosing increased in one of three adult cystic fibrosis patients with the switch to 40,000?IU lipase capsules

Sarah Smith

Subjective global assessment of nutritional status in haemodialysis patients

Vanessa Stansbie

To compare and evaluate the effectiveness of different special fluid delivery methods in optimising patient consumption

Alison Stewart, Kelly Burchfield, Shea Edsall, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Helena Nicolaou, Karen McDougall, Jo Robertson

Starving for attention: a review of fasting times in general surgical patients at The Prince Charles Hospital

Elissa Strath

Jumping the queue: reducing waiting lists for dietetic outpatients

Elissa Strath

Evaluation of a community-based lifestyle modification program for adults

Christina Stubbs, Amanda Lee, Geoffrey Marks, Robert Ware, Wendy Foley, Judy Kirkwood

Does ‘pet assisted therapy’ (PAT) improve nutritional intakes amongst aged care mental health clients in hospital?

Angela Vivanti, Deborah Lloyd

Design and implementation of a communication system to minimise patient risk associated with provision of dysphagic and special diets

Frances Walker, Alison Stewart, Niki Argiros, Cara Brockbank, Aiden Rankin Ma, Judy Appleton

Energy intake in young children with cerebral palsy – is there reasonable reporting?

Jacqueline Walker, Fiona Caristo, Kristie Bell, Roslyn Boyd, Peter SW Davies

Development and pilot evaluation of a food service training DVD

Karen Walton, Peter Williams

Applying the Draft Nutrition Standards for adult inpatients in NSW Hospitals to Hunter New England Patient Food Services. Is there a gap between the ideal and the reality?

Cheryl Watterson, Bronwyn Berthon, Deanna Cardamis, Sharenjit Gill

Integrating prevention into treatment. Targeting the risks factors for preventing type 2 diabetes as part of the nutritional treatment for women with gestational diabetes

Cheryl Watterson, Hannah Kirk, Alison Gebhuer

Does nutrition intervention for mildly-moderately malnourished patients in an acute care setting make a difference?

Cheryl Watterson, Amanda Sutton, Hui Zhu

Relative validity of three accelerometer models compared with indirect calorimetry for estimating energy expenditure

Alexander Wetten, Marijka Batterham, Sze Yen Tan, Linda Tapsell

What do people with newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes want to know? – improving the journey with consumer-centred information

Anita Wilton, Hannah Halloran

Effective use of structured meal plans in the acute management of inpatients with eating disorders: achievement of admission goals with limited reliance on oral and enteral supplements

Jacinta Winderlich, Rachael Martin

A cost comparison of two interventions for the treatment of malnutrition

Jane Winter, Michele Pink, Melanie Voevodin

‘Every general hospital (should) have one dietitian for every 100 beds’

Beverley Wood

The thiamin status of the Australian population has improved since the 1991 mandatory thiamin enrichment of bread making flour

Beverley Wood, Malcolm Riley, Greg Whelan

Australasian treatment guidelines for the management of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency

Nick Wray, Andrew Biankin, Mark Oliver, Callum Pearce, James Toouli, Jeremy Wilson

Feasibility study of dietetic service to the Young Women's Clinic at Casey hospital

Karen Wright, Nicole Barna, Raisa Shaikh

Aged care foodservice: foods for the next generation?

Olivia Wright, Sandra Capra, Maree Petersen, Jill Wilson, Elizabeth Ward, Wing Seng Kok

Evaluation of a nut industry health promotion program – nuts for life

Lisa Yates

No bees. No food. How bees are key to a healthy food supply

Lisa Yates

Accuracy of body weight scales after incorrect handling short-term and correct handling longer-term

Lily Yu, Angela Vivanti

Short-term body weight fluctuations amongst well-hydrated older people admitted to a Geriatric and Rehabilitation Unit (GARU)

Lily Yu, Angela Vivanti, Lucy Dakin, Michelle Palmer, Katrina Campbell, Jing Sun

Baseline characteristics of volunteers in the SMART clinical trial: associations between habitual physical activity and lifestyle disease risk factors

Qingsheng Zhang, Jane O'Shea, Rebecca Thorne, Linda Tapsell, Marijka Betterham, Karen Charlton