Symposium on ear surgery. IV. Postoperative complications associated with bilateral stapedectomy


  • Presented as part of a Symposium at the Meeting of the Middle Section, American Laryngological, Rhlnological and Otological Society, Inc., Omaha, Nebr., January 21, 1972.

  • From the Department of Otolaryngology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Mo.


The need for surgical restoration of hearing is frequently expressed by otologic surgeons. All too frequently the surgeon's concern centers around the mechanical reconstruction of the auditory apparatus as demonstrated by the closure of the air bone gap. The functional value of restored hearing to the patient is not considered.

A successful operation should be measured by its functional restoration. A successful closure of an air bone gap may not be accompanied by an equally successful functional result.

Six functional complications following stapedectomy are discussed. An awareness of their existence should influence the decision to perform a stapedectomy on the opposite ear.