Microscopic laryngoscopy can augment the skills of the laryngologist by adding increased magnification, depth perception and bimanual micromanipulation during direct laryngoscopy.

By interfacing the Zeiss operating microscope to a low-light-sensitive high-resolution color television camera, via a fiberoptic bundle, the surgeon may operate and teach, unencumbered by the addition of television equipment. This unique capability enhances the teaching of laryngology by:

  • 1
    Crystallizing the three-dimensional anatomical visual image of the student.
  • 2
    Allowing appreciation of the dynamic laryngeal view during direct laryngoscopy.
  • 3
    Demonstrating the fine, accurate maneuvers of laryngeal instruments.
  • 4
    Allowing the instructor to monitor visually the surgical actions of the novice, advising and directing his manipulations, while allowing the student to gain personal surgical skills and confidence.
  • 5
    Demonstrating laryngeal lesions and surgery to an unlimited audience.
  • 6
    Recording on color videotape, laryngeal anatomy, lesions and surgery.